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Meet the Owners

Dan Gates  - My Life in a Nutshell -

My interests in robotics engineering began around the age of 8. Star Wars, of course, played a big role in molding my early years.
My first robot was made from a combination of a snoopy watch case, parts from my Erector Set, and electronics from a Radio Shack - 101 Projects kit my parents bought me. It wasn't quite what I now consider to be a "true" robot, but it was a legitimate start.

At the age of 16 I graduated from High School and enrolled in an electronics trade school in Arizona to learn more about electronics, which eventually led me to open my own TV/VCR repair shop. Unfortunately my timing was all wrong because it was about that same time when the price of new TVs & VCRs dropped to a point that the cost of repairing them became unrealistic. I closed my shop in the early '90's and sought other work.
That "other work" consisted of many things including: Welding, Mechanics, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Custom Design where I learned a great deal about engineering, and eventually a Computer Technician dabbling in the programming realm. All of which apply nicely to the field of Robotics which is why in 1998 I started getting back into robotics in a big way.

I founded the Southern Oregon Robotics Club in 2000 (now SORSA) to encourage others to build robots and to give me a group of people to exchange ideas with. One of my main interests is to get kids and teens interested in robotics, so I spend a lot of time working with schools and kid-oriented organizations giving presentations on robotics and leading workshops.
During those years I also spent a lot of time learning and practicing the three facets of robot design; Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software Engineering (programming), some from college schooling, some from pros in the field and a lot from just doing it.
Follow this link to see some of My Personal Robots.

I started Southern Oregon Robotics Co. in 2003 designing and building robotic related products which I sold via an on-line store. For a brief period that company spun off into a newly partnered company called Johnny Robot, LLC. which eventually split leaving me with the original SORC and a lot of debt. From there, I took a job as chief R&D tech at Solarbotics, LTD based in Canada on a two year work permit, (definitely one of my favorite jobs ever!) all the while, still running SORC on the back burner. As they say, "all good things must come to an end", my two year Canadian work permit was about to expire and my family missed the good ole USA, so in 2007 I returned to the States with a lot of new knowledge and a desire to re-ignite SORC.

In 2008 I partnered with my brother Doug Gates and sold the original SORC to our newly formed 1SORC Technologies, LLC company. Doug brought a whole new level of expertise to the business and we expanded into design consulting for outside firms as well as continuing with the on-line store. We are now able to offer a wide variety of product development expertise to our clients and also invest more into our own products.


Doug Gates  - About Me -

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